Yes, young people everywhere — from elementary school students to teens — are speaking out for conservation. And they want you to do it too. Check out some of these calls to action for our wildlife, plants and planet from just a few of the Center's young supporters. Then share this page with your friends — along with your own shout-out!

"If you take care of the Earth, it will take care of you."
— Zylia P., 11

"I think it's important to take care of where were going to live because we don't have anywhere else to go."
— Quinn P., 17

"Yes, young people care about their environment ... but they need help knowing how to get involved. I have hope that we can save [endangered species]. It's complicated beyond anything I ever imagined, but worth it."
— Kade Wilson, 15

"The Earth is now being passed into our hands, and it's our job to take care of it."
— Thomas F, 18

"If you're conserving the environment, you're conserving yourself. If you don't conserve the environment, not only can that affect animals — it can affect you, because what you find beautiful won't be there for you to experience."
— Christopher W., 12

"To motivate young people I would say, 'If we don't stop species from becoming extinct now, who is going to take care of this problem later?' ... It is very important for young people to help the environment because it is our responsibility. If our generation doesn't act soon, it might be too late."
— Apple C., 12

"Save the animals — they're all adorable ... and they're precious!"
— Aaliyah S., 13

"Our parents told us that if we really work at it and maintain our passion [for conservation], we might just inspire our next generation to keep on fighting for the animals.”
— Olivia R., 7

“I care about endangered species because the world needs lots of animals and if we don't care about them, it'll be a boring world."
— William R., 10

"The world was made for all of us, but not us alone. We have all of nature's miracles at our side, and it's our job to protect them."
— Leilana P., 12

"Animals and plants protect us, so let's protect them!"
— Ashley M., 10

"We should all want a clean environment because otherwise we'll have oil spills and animals will die. That's sad — because it's sad when animals die just like when people die."
— Zach B., 13

"It's important to know how the Earth is misused so we can know how to make it better for us and for all the nonhuman creatures."
— Paul O., 16

"Conservation is definitely decontamination of our Earth from pollutants, especially heavy metals. It's so important because it affects the quality of life for plants, animals and humans."
— Claire T., 15

"The earth is becoming a big trash ball!"
— Delana L., 10

"I put my support behind the Center's efforts because they put so much care into every aspect of their organization. They put extraordinary effort into their work and get outstanding results in their efforts to preserve this planet for future generations." 
— Conor Ryan, 15



California gnatcatcher photo courtesy Flickr/Trish Gussler