Interactive Maps/ANIMATED

Center for Biological Diversity in Action, 2013: See a clickable map pinpointing all Center actions across the country in 2013 — plus a cool animated video version.

110 Endangered Species Act Success Stories: Find recovering endangered species in your area.

Bat Crisis: See how deadly white-nose syndrome has spread throughout the years.

Bluefin Boycott: See which restaurants near you are refusing to sell imperiled bluefin tuna.

Clean Air Cities: Click on a featured city to view its resolution to tell the EPA to act quickly against global warming.

Historic Victory for 757 Species: See which species in your state were part of our 757 species agreement in 2011.

Pesticides and U.S. Endangered Species: Learn about the species in each U.S. state that are threatened by pesticides.

Reptile and Amphibian Extinction Crisis: Find reptiles and amphibians for which we petitioned.

Southeast Freshwater Extinction Crisis: Find imperiled Southeast species for which we petitoined.

Urban Wildlands: Learn about past and present projects our Urban Wildlands program is working on.

U.S. Endangered Species Map: Find endangered animals and plants in your area.

Pronghorn photo courtesy Flickr Commons/mnchilemom