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For Immediate Release, February 11, 2010

Contact: Bill Snape, (202) 536-9351

Statement From Center for Biological Diversity Executive Director Kierán Suckling on
House Republicans' Continuing Resolution Bill

TUCSON, Ariz.— Kierán Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, issued this statement on the continuing resolution bill introduced by House Republicans tonight:

On the bill in general:
“Congress has no business making sweeping policy decisions about the health of our environment in a bill that’s simply meant as a stop-gap measure to keep the government functioning. This bill is a gift for industries intent on fouling our air, polluting our water and running roughshod over our wildlife.”

On the waiver for the Clean Air Act:
“Dismissing the Clean Air Act in one fell swoop and attacking its ability to combat climate-change pollutants is a betrayal of Americans’ desire for clean, healthy air. The Clean Air Act is this nation’s single-most important existing law for reducing greenhouse gas pollution and avoiding the worst effects of the global climate disaster. This is a pure and simple gift to the oil, gas and coal industries and ignores the many lives and dollars saved over the past four decades by this successful law.”

On the bill’s proposal to strip Endangered Species Act protections from gray wolves:
“Politicians aren’t scientists, and they shouldn’t act as though they are by suddenly saying they know when an endangered species has recovered. Gray wolves have made important strides, thanks to the Endangered Species Act, but they remain in less than 5 percent of their historic habitat, and their recovery is far from complete.”

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