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For Immediate Release, September 7, 2011

Contact: Amy Harwood, (520) 623-5252 X 313

As World Population Hits 7 Billion, Nationwide Campaign Launches Linking
Human Overpopulation, Species Extinction

7 Billion and Counting Campaign Includes Giveaway of 100,000 Endangered
Species Condoms, Times Square Video, Events Around Country

TUCSON, Ariz.— As the world population nears 7 billion people, the Center for Biological Diversity today launched a new national campaign highlighting the close connection between human overpopulation and the global species extinction crisis.

As part of the “7 Billion and Counting” campaign, the Center is giving away 100,000 of its popular Endangered Species Condoms, launching a huge video ad in New York City’s Times Square, inspiring activists around the country to host events highlighting this critical issue and unveiling a new interactive map that offers information on endangered species in every county in the United States.

“This planet has never been as crowded as it is today, and that’s having devastating effects,” said Amy Harwood, the Center’s human population campaign organizer. “There’s no better time to talk about the overpopulation crisis than right now, as we close in on 7 billion people.”

The world’s population has doubled since 1968, and the United Nation predicts it will hit 7 billion on Oct. 31, 2011, topping 10 billion by the end of this century. Meanwhile, dozens of species go extinct every day.

The Center is the only environmental group with a full-time campaign highlighting the connection between unsustainable human population growth and the ongoing extinction crisis for plants and animals around the world.

In 2010, the Center — through more than 5,000 volunteer distributors — gave away 350,000 colorfully packaged Endangered Species Condoms as a lively way to get people talking about the root causes of species extinction. The new 7 Billion and Counting campaign will provide condoms to distributors in all 50 states to hand out at events focusing on the 7 billion milestone.

The Center’s new Times Square video ad also began playing this morning on a 520-square-foot screen. You can watch the ad here.
A new website,, also includes ways for people to get involved in this nationwide movement.

There are several practical, real-world solutions to begin addressing overpopulation, including empowerment of women, education for all people and universal access to birth control. All of these steps would play an important role in curbing population growth and ensuring that a great diversity of species can continue to live and thrive on Earth.

“Overpopulation and overconsumption of resources are central forces behind environmental destruction,” Harwood said. “The only way to start addressing the population crisis is to get people thinking and talking about that — and finally acting.”

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