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To the editor:

The Pacific Coast is, of course, defined by its coastline, which provides us with immeasurable serenity and a very measurable economic value. Without a clean and beautiful coast, the West would suffer huge losses in tourism, fishing, recreation, and real estate. [Consider replacing this paragraph with something personal about your connection to the ocean or dangers of drilling.]

Offshore drilling and fracking — which President Trump is threatening to revive off the Pacific Coast — threatens our vitality. The toxic chemicals used to frack offshore wells harm wildlife and pollute coastal waters. Our political representatives must safeguard our valuable beaches.

I strongly oppose Trump's reckless plan to expanding oil drilling and fracking and urge my fellow Pacific Coast residents to express their opposition as well. This administration would sacrifice our health and safety for the profit and convenience of the nation's biggest polluters. As a region, we must stand together to resist their oily agenda. [You may have much more to say, but it's best to keep your letter as short as possible.]


Photo © Robin Silver