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From The Salt Lake Tribune, Re: "Salt Lake City urges federal climate action"

Climate commitment
April 7, 2012

Successful approaches to climate change must be polycentric — operating at multiple levels of geographical scale, from the individual home all the way to the national and global.

Urban initiatives like the joint resolution of the Salt Lake City Council and mayor urging President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency to "swiftly employ and enforce" the Clean Air Act to battle climate change are essential components of the total picture. Without the engagement of cities, any attempt at mitigation and adaptation is doomed to failure.

Similarly, no progress can take place without the commitment of dedicated people, families and communities, working together to reduce their carbon footprints and prepare for the infrastructural and agricultural disruptions that are now inescapable.

But none of these will make sense without broader-scale government support.

Just as the planetary environment supports a vast range of diverse and interdependent ecosystems, only federal government action can support the wide range of individual, local and regional initiatives that are necessary to address the slowly unfolding catastrophes that are the inevitable consequences of the burgeoning greenhouse effect.

Warren Senders
Medford, Mass.

SLC and clean air
March 31, 2012

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, so news that its City Council passed a resolution that urges President Barack Obama to use the Clean Air Act to prevent climate change made me proud to be from Salt Lake City. My hometown now joins 19 other cities that have moved to become Clean Air Cities.

For four decades, the Clean Air Act has successfully protected the air we breathe, and today the act is our best hope to stem the tide of climate change. We need to embrace the idea of controlling carbon dioxide pollution with this powerful legal tool to ensure that our children have a safe and healthy place to grow up.

Kudos to Salt Lake City for taking a stand and speaking out to embolden America to take action on climate change.

Miyoko Sakashita

Oakland, Calif.

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