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This Saturday communities across the United States will be honoring Earth Day with planet-focused festivals. As a Pop X subscriber and Center supporter, you may have mixed feelings about Earth Day -- while it's great to have so many people talking about the environment, we're not going to save the world with face painting and recycling demos. We're in the midst of a climate crisis, an extinction crisis, and unprecedented attacks on the environmental laws that came out of the first Earth Day nearly 50 years ago.

That's why I'm excited about the Center's Earth Day project this year. More than 250 Center volunteers are bringing the resistance to festivals, rallies and other events in all 50 states. These Wildlife Warriors will be talking to people in their communities about the real threats facing the environment, and urging them to send postcards to their representatives and sign the pledge of resistance. Find our volunteers in your area. 

For the wild,

Stephanie Feldstein

Stephanie Feldstein
Population and Sustainability Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. Today's world population is: 7,499,310,000. We can still save room for wildlife -- spread the word and share this email.


Crowded Planet / Center organizer Dianne DuBois was working from her home office in New Hampshire when a bear strolled through her backyard. With nearly 14,000 acres of protected land nearby, bears are regularly spotted in residential areas of this small town.

Write for the resistance

Take Action / Write for the Resistance

As the saying goes, every day should be Earth Day, and after this weekend we'll be working hard to make sure the resistance movement continues to stand strong against attacks on endangered species, public lands, environmental justice, immigrant rights, civil rights and reproductive freedom. The movement needs your voice. Write a letter to your local newspaper expressing your views on the urgent need for climate action, wildlife protection or whatever issue you're passionate about.

Letters to the editor can be an effective way to speak out and let others in your community know about the issues that matter to you, and our online tool makes it easy to submit your thoughts. Not sure what to say? Email us and our volunteers will help.

Solar panel

Wild Energy / New Website Launched

Learn more about how we're advancing a clean, just and wildlife-friendly energy system by advocating for rooftop solar, energy efficiency and other solutions that benefit both human and wildlife communities.


Shades of Green / Tackling Food Waste, the Terrible Twos

Learning to live more sustainably can be a process, even for the Center's Population and Sustainability staff. Everyone faces different challenges when it comes to greener living. Jess Herrera, our media specialist, has decided to chronicle her journey toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Thankfully her situation isn't without solutions -- though some end up being better than others. This month she shares how she's working to tackle her family's food waste when living with a food waste monster (commonly known as a toddler).

You can read the first installment of her journey on the Center's Medium site.

Population / Teen Talks the Birds and the Bees

Mating flower scarabs

This week population organizer Leigh Moyer was featured in a webinar with teen population advocate and Endangered Species Condoms volunteer Lorien Dancer to talk about why it's so important to talk about the birds and the bees on Earth Day, especially in high school. Leigh and Lorien shared stories about sometimes-awkward conversations around population, giving away free condoms at high schools, and more. Learn more about the Center's Endangered Species Condoms project and how to become a population volunteer.

Peoples Climate March

Earth-friendly Diet / Plant Power at the Climate March

The Peoples Climate Movement is taking to the streets on April 29 to call for action on the climate crisis. The Center will be marching in D.C. and at sister marches around the country to protest the relentless attacks on our environment by the Trump administration and Republican legislators.

In addition to taking on fossil fuels, the Center's Take Extinction Off Your Plate campaign is teaming up with a diverse group of Plant-Powered Planet Protectors advocating for Earth-friendly diets.

Learn more about marching for sustainable food, find an upcoming sister march near you, or RSVP to march with the Center on April 29 in Washington, D.C.

London phone booth

 Five Wild Picks / Solar Panels in Unexpected Places

1) Amazon Warehouses: A recent pledge by the online retail giant will put solar panels on some of the largest buildings on the planet.

2) Anheuser-Busch Breweries: The world's largest beer manufacturer plans to shift its electricity to 100 percent renewable energy by 2025, generating as much as 25 percent from solar panels on its facilities.

3) Food Trucks: New York is adding sustainability to food-truck tacos with solar-powered carts boasting a 60 percent reduction in emissions.

4) London Phone Booths: London's iconic red telephone boxes are being given new life as free, solar-powered charging stations.

5) Kentucky Coal Museum: A museum in the heart of coal country is going solar to save money on its energy bills. It's only a matter of time until coal is history.

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Photo credits: Daisies by Auntie P/Flickr; Stephanie Feldstein staff photo; bear by Dianne DuBois; Trump protester by Corey Oakley/Flickr; solar panel by Photovoltaik/Flickr; produce by robertokabana/Pixabay; flower scarab beetles by Sean McCann/Flickr; Peoples Climate March logo; London phone booth by PJ R/Flickr.

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