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Greater sage grouse Trump Administration to Strip Yellowstone Grizzlies of Endangered Species Protection

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Lawsuit Challenges Highway Widening Through Ancient California Redwoods

Arkansas Board OKs Emergency Ban of Drift-prone Pesticide

EPA's Watchdog Office Tells EPA: Start Assessing Toxic Interactions Between Pesticides

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VaquitaVaquitas — the world's smallest and most endangered porpoises — live only in Mexico's northern Gulf of California. After suffering decades of decline due to entanglement in shrimp-fishing gear, vaquitas are down to only 30 individuals left on Earth. 

Without swift, strong action by the Mexican government, they could disappear forever by 2020. But Mexico's latest measure has been inadequate and unenforced. Vaquitas are still dying as gillnet use continues, in blatant violation of the ban.

Tell Mexican officials you'll be participating in an international boycott of Mexican shrimp until they permanently ban all dangerous gillnets in vaquita habitat.


CBDThe Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction. Learn more about the Center for Biological Diversity.


Hear the call of the wild? You're not alone. Our endangered species ringtones have been downloaded about 700,000 times in nearly 180 countries.


Red fox

Endangered Earth Online, June 22, 2017

We're Suing Over Wildlife Killing in California


Generation Wild: Saving Life on Earth
Young people can make a difference too. Check out our Generation Wild website with tips on being a young conservationist, tools for taking action and a lot of fun stuff to read, do and see.

#Earth2Trump: Watch Our Video Now

#Earth2Trump video

From the moment Trump took office, our lawyers have been working feverishly to oppose every attempt he’s made to worsen climate change, kill wildlife, endanger public health and destroy public lands. Learn about all our suits filed so far to fight back against the Trump administration.

Bald eagleTRUMP ACTION TOOLKIT: Ready to Fight Trump? Start here.
With President Trump in the White House, people power is more important than ever. The Center launched this Trump Action Toolkit — start by signing our pledge of resistance. The fight is on.

Jaguar (c)Roy ToftEmbattled Borderlands: Story Map
The Center has joined with the Borderlands Project, the International League of Conservation Photographers and others in launching a story-map project that combines stunning photography with cutting-edge mapping and research to tell the story of the border wall and its harm.

Oak Flat posterPublic Lands Enemies
This Center report analyzes 132 bills part of a concerted effort by 15 U.S. senators and representatives, backed by extractive industries, to privatize our public lands — putting at risk hundreds of thousands of acres held in the public trust and home to diverse native wildlife.

Gray wolfRestoring the Gray Wolf
The Center is fighting hard to help all U.S. gray wolves get back the protections they need to recover in habitat across the country. Losing safeguards brings progress to a grinding halt.

Polar bearOp-eds and Cool New Features on Medium
Check out our latest hard-hitting opinion pieces, our environmental health advice column, plus a fun series coming out biweekly, Flotsam: #ecolists of the things we love.

Oak Flat posterProtect Sacred Oak Flat
Arizona's Oak Flat — a stunning area sacred to Western Apache tribes (and an important part of America’s public-land heritage) — is in danger of destruction by a massive copper mine. Learn more about the land, the threats and the resistance.

Sea turtleNuestro Trabajo en México
Mexico hosts a stunning array of species, but too many are imperiled. The Center opened an office in La Paz to help save sea turtles, vaquitas and other wildlife in trouble. Read about our Mexico work en español or in English.

Polar bearFighting Back Against Trump’s War on Science
Sound science is more important than ever for protecting biodiversity and the lands, waters and climate we all need to survive — but Trump is waging a war on science that’s putting people and the planet at risk. The Center has no choice but to fight — learn more and join us.

The Party of ExtinctionThe Politics of Extinction
Despite its success, the Endangered Species Act is under attack like never before. Congressional Republicans have launched a barrage of legislative assaults on endangered species in recent years, seeking to block, remove or weaken their protections.

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